BuyBid explainer video

BuyBid contacted us because they wanted a front page video to explain the services and the use of both their desktop service and mobile app.

With smooth transitions and a mix of pictures, 2D icons and 3D assets, the video came out wonderful. We were both very happy with the results! We did the script and voice over as well.

Wunder Nuggets testimonial

Sneaky Apron, LLC contacted us to edit a testimonial video for their new product review.
They had some footage which I had to reorder, clean and cut off the sound noise. Also had images of the product which we placed and animated at the right moments. We did a logo animation for the intro and outro and created lower thirds to enhance some of her phrases. Turned out to be great for both of us!

WordBlobs game trailer

Our friends at Apprope wanted a trailer for their mind game app.
We took their graphics elements and made a fun motion trailer with the app demo inside the iPhone itself. Also did the soundtrack design.

The Godfather kinetic typography

Since there weren’t any good kinetic typography videos about The Godfather we decided to put one out. An audiovisual tribute to this all-time classic. Enjoy.

7 Pin Pool trailer

7 Pin Games, Inc. contacted us to do a trailer for the lunch of their upcoming pool game. We combined stock footage and game plays, tied with transitions and motion titles that went along with the client’s brand. Also did the logo animation and soundtrack design.

Elevation Academy logo animation

Based on their logo, we decided to go straight from inside and animate the different elements as we zoom out.
Animation and music editing by Dreaming Films.

DeepStack Open 2017 Promo Video

Our friends at DeepStack Open assigned us a promotional video for their 2017 poker tournament tour.
We took the footage from their previous tours along with photos and edited them to make a high impact video.
Did the tour stages from Google Earth screens and added 3D text on them.
The end result was amazing! check it out.

GlucoZ video for crowdfunding campaign

We were asked to make a video for a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. The project is a glucose monitor case for Motorola smartphones.
We made the 3D model in different colors and textures, and made the animations showing different angles of the designs. We also added the motion texts and did the music editing.
Turned out to be great!
The campaign can be seen here

Digitaland logo animation

This digital agency contacted us to have their logo animated.
They wanted something powerful and impressive, and we came up with the idea of animating each letter individually in different dynamic ways so they could then form the hole logo. We did the design, animation and sound design.
The end result turned out to be great for us and them!

DE51 Films logo animation

This production company had a 2D logo that wanted made into a cool 3D animation. We modeled their logo in 3D as well as a film reel and added some shinny textures and shadowing to give it a realistic feel. Also did the soundtrack design.